About Us

The future of the young people starts now!

The Pwani Youth Network (PYN) was established and registered in the year 2013 with a vision of “Kenyan youth progress and prosper”.  Its mission is “Inspiring the dream of Kenyan youth through all positive change .”  The organization’s activities cover the Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale Counties and target youth, children and women.


Promoting health, especially SRHR (Sexual Reproductive health and rights),

Fostering peace and cohesion

Talent promotion and development

Environmental conservation and global clean-up

Strengthening economic resilience among youth


Kenyan youth progress and prosper


Kenyan youth progress and prosper


Inspiring the dream of Kenyan youth through all positive change.

''Young people should be co creators of solutions that work for them''
Alfred Sigo CEO

Some of Our Programs

Adolescent and safe-motherhood Initiative (ASMI)

Youth Economic Empowerment (Youthnaplan)

School Based program

Policy Advocacy Initiative (PAI)

The Capacity Initiative (TCI)

  1. Comprehensive sex education programme for adolescents in education institutions
  2. Women’s economic programme (WEP)
  3. Safe motherhood programme
  1. Training of Youths in Business and Entrepreneurship Skills, Creative
  2. Business Mentorship and Youth Creative Industry
  3. Safe Labour Migration
  4. Financial Assistance for Startups
  5. Digital Literacy program
  1. Community Awareness of CBE and School Support
  2. Advocacy on CBE  Policy and Budget
  3. Capacity Strengthening of school BOM and scholarship program and school support
  1. Influencing global policies and  among young people, including youth
  2. Advocacy engagements with the county and national government to hold them accountable for their commitments
  3. Engage with the donors  outcomes of young  people
  1. Survey, research and dissemination 
  2. Formal and Informal training
  3. Engage with the donors to influence  funding for interventions to improve SRH and Youth Empowerment outcomes of young  people