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The future of the young people starts now!

The Pwani Youth Network (PYN) was established and registered in the year 2013 with a vision “To incorporate everyone towards pushing for the peace development agenda and sexual reproductive health while promoting sports, talent, film and technology”.  Its mission is “To promote peace and achieve a sustainable development by curbing issues affecting the youth, women and children through sports, talent, film and technology.” The organizations activities cover the Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale Counties and targets youth, children and women.


1. Youths, Employments and talent Development

2.Reproductive health information and drugs and substance abuse for adolescent and Young people
3.Environment promotion and sensitization.
4.Peace building ,CVE and conflict management
5.Advocacy and human rights


to be the leading youth organization in all cycle of positive development in sports, talent and film for sustainable community development.


We are geared to promoting sports, talent and film towards achieving development and in helping reduce issues affecting youth like drugs abuse and poverty


 sports, talent, Film and Technology for sustainable development

''Young people should be co creators of solutions that work for them''
Alfred Sigo CEO


Pwani Youth Network Programs

The project thats aims to enable youth focused civil society organization [CSOs]in Kenya and Tanzania to implement effctive and coordinated family planning and reproductive health -[FPRH] Advocacy.

Global Opportunity Youth Network(GOYN)

Opportunity Youth Global Initattive is a global movement of 5 Global organization working with Grassroot organization in United State,Kenya,India and Colombia to reduce the  biggest problem facing the youths today [Youth  Employment]

pwani youth Network

World Cleanup Day is a civic movement,  joining 180 nations and a large number of individuals across the world to tidy up the planet. In one day.